Outsourcing Test

Take this brief test to determine your HR outsourcing need. If your company is experiencing any of the following symptoms, then you may benefit from our services:

  1. Do you have HR-related projects that sit on the back burner because you are consumed with day to day HR administrative or HR "fire-fighting" issues?
  2. Is your company too small to warrant a full time HR person?
  3. Is your HR department effective, but they are too lean to be able to get the entire job done?
  4. Do you have "surges" of increased workload within HR?
  5. Do you find that your employees are frequently seeking outside legal assistance regarding their work issues? Do you wish that you could prevent their issues from escalating to this point?
  6. Is employee turnover high or employee morale low, but you're not exactly sure why?
  7. Do you possess talented individuals, but they do not function well as a team?
  8. Does your staff possess some great core skills, but they lack the polish and training that is characteristic of great leaders?
  9. Are you worried that your HR programs on non-compliant with current governmental regulations?
  10. Is your company lacking job descriptions for every job?
  11. Does your company lack a complete, effective, and legally defensible employee manual?
  12. Do you spend big dollars recruiting competent (but relatively mediocre) employees? 

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