Why Outsource?

Outsourcing (when a company uses outside firms to handle work or projects) is on the rise. Many companies outsource functions because: They maintain "lean" operations and may not possess the manpower to handle the work internally. They wish to reduce labor costs - hiring and training staff can be costly. They wish to dedicate their personnel to the activities where they are most needed. They wish to cut costs - outsourcing converts fixed costs into variable costs and releases capital for use in revenue-producing activities.

Industry Statistics:

Are your HR programs and practices all that they need to be? Did you know that:

  • Approximately 25% of a middle manager's day is actually spent "managing."
  • The percentage of workers who are satisfied with their jobs has declined to approximately 50%.
  • Employee litigation has steadily increased (dramatically). There were nearly 100,000 charges filed with the EEOC (alone) during 2012. There are 6 million threats of workplace violence each year. Employers lose nearly 80% of all negligent hiring suits. An Appellate Court awarded $4 million to a woman who was raped by an employee. His employment application indicated no criminal convictions but the employer had not performed a reasonable search into the employeeís past before they hired him.
  • The majority of companies are (at least partially) outsourcing a portion of their human resources functions. This number is expected to increase dramatically.

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